Tiana Li-Donni | Creative Dance Therapy

Dance Therapist

Committee member of DTAA ~ Dance-movement Therapy Aust.Association.

Graduate and Associate teacher of Tamalpa Institute CA

Member of ISMETA ~International Somatic Movement Educator & Therapy Association

It has been my pleasure to work with Lyndal Pope over time as my assistant at the special needs Aspergus Teens Program called Creative Moves at Ashwood Powerhouse. In every instance Lyndal’s exceptional ability to hold the space for the needs of other’s in their personal explorations has shown her empathy, enthusiasm, level of commitment and respect for others.

Lyndal, with genuine ease has established a professional rapport with me by empathising with the needs of the teens. I have found that she stands out as a vibrant and energetic personality in our encounters together. At all times I have found her to possess a sincerely compassionate character with a desire to help other people including her fellow teachers in the Dance Therapy Peer Mentoring Community that I oversee.

Lyndal has a good grasp on human relationships and is not only able to communicate well in her work but is also on a practical level able to utilise her knowledge. She has had individual sessions with me that shows her level of commitment and authentic intentional movement towards her own wholeness in her personal and professional Life /Art Process. 


Layla |  Dance Movement Therapy

lifestyle manager | st pauls elderly hostel 

Lyndal Pope has been working as a Dance Therapist at our facility since November, 2014. During that time she has engaged our residents with activities to music, encouraging upper body strength by using hula hoops, balloons, scarves and musical instruments .  Lyndal has ensured that each resident  is encouraged to participate according to their abilities and individual needs

Our residents have thoroughly enjoyed every session held by Lyndal and we wish her well with her future endeavours.

Yours sincerely,