Jayne Hill AASC Coordinator | Creative dance program

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Primary School Sunshine

Our Grade 5 and 6s performed in front of their families and teachers last night with great enthusiasm and pure joy! Lyndal is professional and enthusiastic and manages to pass this on through her fantastic program. She has encouraged, challenged and delighted our children in introducing them to their routine to the song “Cinderella.” She has captivated our students, who have given up their playtime to practise their routines. Their eagerness to get to the lessons, and the way they listen, copy and try is fantastic to watch. The students and I were touched that Lyndal took the time to hand out certificates last night, each one with a personal message especially created for each student. Thank you Lyndal for adding that personal touch! I must express my delight at having a capable,dedicated and talented deliverer at Our Lady’s.

Tim Sykes Employee of Dixon Advisory | Corporate Boardroom Balance Class

I (felt) very released after the meditation. I hate to go back to work straight after I feel warmed up, my core is stronger, (everyday) I am stretching a lot easier. I have really enjoyed this class. It is the highlight of the working week.

Andrea McClure Employee of Dixon Advisory | Corporate Boardroom Balance Class

(I am) Full of energy/Bubbly. Sore at first but very relaxed later on. (Boardroom Balance) Helps to de-stress the day.I liked all aspects of the class even if I do complain. I have noticed a lot of improvement in my strength & flexibility over the past 18 weeks.