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Lyndal offers dance workshops that encompass interactive movement with self exploration and expression which, in collaboration, is highly engaging and stimulating. The communion between the body, mind and soul is determined and directed by the participants themselves, allowing for true ownership within the program, thusly, empowering the client.

Current evaluations of Lyndal Pope’s dance community development initiative verify the enormous benefit to the programs’participants. Cognitive function, emotional health, social inclusion and development are increased. The positive impact to the participants and local community is comprehensive.

Lyndal Pope uses dance and movement as a forum for artistic expression to anyone within the community interested in creating movement. Interest has been expressed from community groups, mental health organisations, drop-in centres and major hospitals to deliver the unique program and be part of their promotion of wellbeing and expression.

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Lyndal Pope of Bodyflow, is a talented and vibrant young person. Her sessions are engaging, colourful and inspirational. Lyndal fully commits herself to the group and has a way of including people of any ability. Thankyou Lyndal for making a group of people feel special yet again.