Why Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy is an expressive movement based session. Focus is on the emotional, cognitive, physical & spiritual wellbeing of the individual.

Dance Movement Therapy for Teens:

  • Establishing a sense of self and interaction with others.
  • Building awareness of the body
  • Developing a sense of ‘Me’ and the respect of others
  • Creativity of the individual
  • Creating a verbal dialogue between the therapist & with others.
  • Providing a safe/held space with permission to explore then return & stay at one with the group.

Dance Movement Therapy for adults:

  • Building self-esteem
  • Enhancing body awareness ( in space and in relation to others)
  • Independent and group work skills eg. co-operation, negotiation, contribution, and decision making
  • Development of physical, emotional and spiritual well being
  • Encouraged spontaneity and self expression

Dance Movement Therapy for Elderly:

  • Connection of the mind, body and spirit
  • Rediscover neglected parts of the body
  • To relearn forgotten movement patterns and try out new ways of moving
  • Encouragement, support and growth
  • A more positive sense of ones self
  • Awareness & joy beyond the physical